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Should an event/race/session/lap/heat be restarted from the beginning, bets will stand and will be settled according to the result issued after the restart, except for those bets the outcome of which has already been determined. Should both players fail to make the “Cut” with the same score then the bet will be void.

Information referring to gender of the teams, as well as various definitions of reserve teams (e.g. B and C teams), is to be treated as supplementary information. The inclusion and correctness of such information will not be treated as sufficient cause for the voiding of the offers related to the match/event, given that this does not cause an obvious inconsistency in odds offered. Offers that make specific reference to a participant’s/participants’ performance in a particular event (e.g. Player X vs The Field) are to be considered void if the mentioned participant do not take part in the competition. In case a participant is disqualified/withheld/banned from taking part in a subsequent part/phase of an event/competition, the disqualification will be considered to have taken place at the time of the participant’s removal from the event.

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The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation licenses all forms of gambling in Queensland Australia. You can see from this page the first brick and mortar casino legislation came in 1982, pokies in 1991, Keno in 1996, lotteries in 1997, online gambling in 1998 and charitable games in 1999. This commission is dedicated to preventing minors from accessing gambling and has a strong focus on protecting problem gamblers. The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing is responsible for licensing all forms of gambling in New South Wales. For sports betting they license Tabcorp and a small number of bookmakers. While they do have rules in place for online betting, excessive regulatory requirements makes this is a less appealing location for internet operators. For offline betting the gambling commission is however strong.

Betting effected on odds which represented a different score than the actual. Betting effected after a related event was underway and where conditions could have been altered in a direct and indisputable way. Bets can be voided regardless of whether the event has been settled or not. A public announcement has occurred in relation to the bet which alters significantly the odds.

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For obvious reasons, these are sometimes called “insurance” bonuses. No Deposit – A no deposit bonus puts site credits or free bets into your account without any financial commitment on your part.