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Telegrams to opening nights are in a class by themselves. They must be good, because they are likely to be displayed on the dressing-room mirror of the recipient during the run of the play. They must be different, because these people check up. And they must be frequent, as the average life of a play today is four hours. When my little boys were small, I really can’t say that I did. Not that they really meant to be mean about it, or did it deliberately, but, as I look back on it, it seems that there was always something. A glass of water was usually the ostensible excuse, but a great many times it turned out to be just a desire on their part to be chummy and have some one to cry with. I would say that, during the infancy of my bairn, my average was something like 10 complete arisings from bed during the night and 15 incomplete ones. By “incomplete” I mean those little starts out of a sound sleep, where one leg is thrust out from under the bedclothes while one waits to see if maybe the disturbance will not die down of its own accord. Professors in our universities are getting awfully nosey of late. They are always asking questions or sending out questionnaires inquiring into your private life. I can remember the day when all that a professor was supposed to do was to mark “C minus” on students’ examination papers and then go home to tea. Nowadays they seem to feel that they must know just how much we eat, what we do with our spare time, and how we like our eggs. I already have filled in enough stuff on questionnaires to get myself divorced or thrown into jail. If I had been out late the night before and had a disinclination to getting up anyway, I found that as soon as I got back on the bed to do the legwork I was dozing off again, sometimes with my legs in the air. There is something about the feeling of the pillow under your head and the soft mattress under your back that makes exercise seem like a hollow mockery, and the last time I did it I went right back to sleep again and slept until noon. When the automobile came in it looked as if the Sunday afternoon problem was solved. You could climb in at the back door of the old steamer and puff out into the country, where at least you couldn’t hear people playing “Narcissus” on the piano several houses away. At least, you could in the early days of automobiling. George agreed, so we took off our hats and spent the rest of the afternoon roaming about the room, reading signs to our hearts’ content. I might have told him about that new invention called the “typewriter,” whereby, if you can’t get a man on the telephone, you can drop him a note which will reach him the next morning. Or I also might have told him that I was in my office all the time, but was so busy working that I had left word with the telephone operator not to bother me with time-wasting calls from business men. In either case, dropping me a note would have saved him four days of telephoning. But apparently note-dropping is considered a relic of Civil War days and is not to be considered in the bustle of modern business. You must use the telephone, even if it doesn’t get you anywhere. In the old days when you wanted to get in touch with a man you wrote a note, sprinkled it with sand, and gave it to a man on horseback. It probably was delivered within half an hour, depending on how big a lunch the horse had had. But in these busy days of rush-rush-rush, it sometimes is a week before you can catch your man on the telephone. You tell your secretary to keep calling, but, if the man takes any kind of care of himself at all, he is out most all day in the fresh air. So day after day the secretary keeps calling and, in this way, autumn turns into winter and winter to spring. Community singing wouldn’t be so bad if it really were community singing. But there are always several people who do all the singing, or rather who do the loudest singing, and the rest of the community just stand around holding sheets of music and making low noises in their throats. The loud singers are usually sopranos and are big women who wear black jet beads. If they are not leading the thing completely, they dominate the chorus so that nobody else can make himself heard. No matter how domineering a basso may be, he can’t really drown out the rest, owing to the nature of bass singing itself. If you try to sing bass too loud your nose starts bleeding or your chin gets caught down in your collar and you choke to death . Altos suffer from the same handicap, while tenors are usually of a mild and retiring nature and not given to masterful hogging of sound waves. It is the sopranos that you have to look out for. The carnival, which is known as Romeria, is supposed to be a festival of the picnic type combined with a religious pilgrimage to some sort of shrine. This shrine, however, is never reached, as along about noon of the third day some desperate guy, with a hangover no longer to be borne, evolves a cure on the “hair of the dog that bit you” theory, and thewheero is brought out again.

Everyone’s welcome to join in those celebrations of songs, dances, ceremonies, and vendors with authentic food, artwork and crafts. Indigenous peoples have inhabited the region for thousands of years. New Brunswick is home to the Mi’gmaq, in northern and eastern New Brunswick; the Wolastoqiyik , along the Saint John River Valley; and the Peskotomuhkatiyik in the St. Croix River watershed. The three nations are part of the Wabanaki Confederacy, which also includes the Penobscot and Abenaki nations of Maine. Wabanaki, meaning “Land of the Dawn”, designates a large area including Maine and the Maritime provinces. The woman whose Los Angeles home was destroyed after actress Anne Heche’s car crash spoke out on Instagram, in a video uploaded on August 11. Newfoundland and Labrador officials say the state of emergency called last weekend because of raging wildfires in the centre of the province will end on Saturday. Telus Corp. wants to pass on credit card fees to customers and plans to add a 1.5 per cent ‘processing fee’ starting this fall. R. Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago that starts Monday is in many ways a do-over of his 2008 state child pornography trial, at which jurors acquitted the singer on charges that he produced a video of himself when he was around 30 having sex with a girl no older than 14. Fans of the Arkells can score free tickets to the Canadian rock band’s upcoming concert in downtown Vancouver – but they won’t last long. There has been a remarkable show of support for a young baseball player from the Halifax area who suffered a stroke during a game late last month. After facing years of controversy over his book, famed novelist Salman Rushie remains hospitalized after a stabbing attack left him with serious injuries. has a look at his life and why his work has prompted years of death threats. Kristen Hayes lives close to the hospital in Yarmouth, N.S., but she says that twice in the past month, her son, who has a rare form of epilepsy, has been taken by ambulance to the emergency room there, only to be left waiting. First Nation Profiles On this federal government webpage, find lists of reserves and First Nations by province, as well as information on the size, location and population of individual communities. (courtesy Native Land Digital / majority of reserves in Manitoba were created through provisions in treaties 1,2, 3, 4, 5,6 and 10 .

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With a good overcoat, reinforced by a stiff dress shirt and a high collar, one may even go beyond the dozing stage and sink into a deep, refreshing slumber, and still not be made conspicuous by continual lurchings and plungings. Of course, if you are an uneasy sleeper and given to thrashing about, you will find that even a heavy overcoat will let you down once in a while. But for the average man, who holds approximately the same position after he has gone to sleep, I don’t think that this method can go wrong. Its only drawback is that you are likely to get a little warm along about the middle of the second act. However, back again goes the forehead against the pane in its original position, with the hand serving more or less as a buffer, until another skid occurs, this time resulting in an angry determination to give the whole thing up entirely and sit up straight in the seat. Some dozers will take four or five slides without whimpering, going back each time for more with apparently undiminished confidence in their ability to see the thing through. It is one of Nature’s wonders how a man can carry on an argument with someone standing beside his bed and still be asleep to all intents and purposes. Not a very good argument, perhaps, and one in which many important words are missing or indistinct, but still an argument. It is an argument, however, which seldom wins, the state of justice in the world being what it is today. But, instead, of rage burning there, I saw a film of tears. The old gentleman had broken down at the thought of the dear, dead days, and was on the point of an alcoholic fit of crying. Obviously, I could proceed no further with my tests today. Evidently the Junior League and the Parents’ League don’t care whether I am late to parties or not for they didn’t send me a questionnaire. But I am going to answer one anyway, and perhaps from the replies of a man who has been later to more parties than anyone since Charlie Ross they may find the solution to their problem. She certainly doesn’t make it very easy for me to. It might very well be that I am more the dreamer type, designed to lie on one elbow on a rock in the Mediterranean and evolve little fancies without ever so much as raising a finger. In this case I should have to have my food brought out to me from some good caterer on shore, as shellfish poison me. There must be some people who do not have to take exercise, and I might as well be one of them. On Christmas Day all the little presents that you got for George turn out to be things that he already has, only his are better. He incites Bill to revolt over the question of where the tracks to the electric train are to be placed (George maintaining that in his home they run through his father’s bathroom, which is the only sensible place for tracks to run). He breaks several of little Barbara’s more fragile presents and says that she broke them herself by not knowing how to work them. And the day ends with George running a high temperature and coming down with mumps, necessitating a quarantine and enforced residence in your house for a month. There seem to be other clauses in my bill-of-lading which would indicate that I would just be a fool to go anywhere near the freight dock after those dishes. At least, that is what the French would seem to say. You even read the ship news and the book advertisements. In an attempt to start conversation, a garrulous one says, “Heigh-ho!” This falls flat, and there is a long silence while you look through the pile of newspapers to see if you missed anything in the morning’s perusal.

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You are then promoted to head of the bottling department. You are as far as you can go, unless you start in for yourself. And I should imagine that the consumer demand for ships in bottles would be soon exhausted in any one community, with very little turn-over. I once tracked a ship-in-bottle putter to his workshop and tried to find out how he worked it. I was spending the summer on the Atlantic coast and in an old Cape Cod antique shop I saw one of the accursed things. I went into the shop and asked the old lady (don’t let her know I called her an “old lady,” please) who had made it. She, with that old New England cordiality which has made that section of the country the flourishing centre it now is, left the room without answering me. But I found out from a customer that a gentleman who lived in the white house down by the steamship dock had wrought this wonder. Just one more word about the menace of these patrician pools. What will be their logical effect on guest towels? The ordinary towels for family use will have to be at least as elaborate and showy as guest towels are today. What is there left in magnificence for guest towelling? Nothing, that I can see, but spun gold with ermine fringes, or perhaps small sheets of strung jewels glittering in the light of a concealed and highly colored bulb. Well, no one will ever use them anyway, any more than they do today. Just as a detail, but one which is quite important to a successful bathroom regime, I should like to know what provision is made in these luxurious and sensual bath palaces for such minor items as the recovery of lost tooth paste tube caps. If they have solved this problem, they may justify themselves. The fact that so many capless tubes are seen lying about in people’s bathrooms is due to the fact that the caps are, at that moment, lodged in the spout of the wash basin. I don’t know what the capacity of the average spout for tube caps is, but I know, by actual count, that there are nine in mine right now. I used to claw them up after they had slipped out of my hand and gone down the vent.

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That is one thing you don’t have to worry about, in case you worry about me at all. If organized community singing must be done the thing to do is divide the town up into quartets, preferably all male with no sopranos, and put each quartet down in a good smoky back room where the air is bad, and let nature take its course. I know of nothing more soothing or productive of good feeling than to get three other guys, one of whom is not really a natural bass but who will fake it if some one else will carry the baritone, and then to go into a huddle for an evening of ripe, rich swipes. Then it would just be the town hall’s hard luck, that’s all. On the third day the inhabitants emerge, walking very carefully in order not to jar off their ears, and get into a lot of decorated ox carts. They are not very crazy about getting into these ox carts, but it is more or less expected of them at carnival time. Pictures are taken of them riding about and are sent to the London illustrated papers, and if they were to pass up one year without riding in decorated ox carts, it wouldn’t seem like carnival week to the readers of the London illustrated papers. You can hardly blame a man with a wheerohangover, however, for not wanting to bump around over cobblestones in an old two-wheeled cart, even if it has got paper flowers strung all over it. The feature of the new wing is, of course, the Bedroom from the Palazzo Sagredo at Venice. The best way that I can describe it is to say that it is fully twice the size of our guest room in Scarsdale, and fifty per cent fancier. The chief point in favor of our guest room in Scarsdale is that there isn’t a whole troop of people strolling through it at all hours of the day, peeking under the bed and asking questions about it. If you want to sleep after nine in the morning in Scarsdale you can do it without being made an exhibition of. My two little boys may romp into the room three or four times during the morning to show you an engine or a snake, but all that you have to do is to tell them to get the hell out or you will tell me on them. As at present played, hockey is a fast game, expert and clean, which gives the players plenty of chance to skate very fast from one end of a rink to the other and the spectators a chance to catch that cold in the head they have been looking for. Thousands of people flock to the arenas to witness the progress of the teams in the league and to cheer their fellow townsmen from Canada in their fierce rivalry with players, also from Canada, who wear the colors of Boston, New York, Detroit, and other presumptuous cities. A Frenchman playing for Chillicothe or Amagansett will have to watch himself pretty carefully. I am renting 1 fully furnished private bedroom in a 3 bedroom house. Ideal for professionials, walking distance to grocery store, Humber college, … Newly renovated 3+1 bedroom semi-detached 2 full washrooms,recreation room , fully renovated kitchen,3 car parking available for rent in st Catherines, close to niagaracollege,brock university .2750$ … Somehow I have a feeling that, no matter how far out of work I may be, I shall never be able to make my living by putting little ships into glass bottles. There must be some people who do, for one is constantly seeing bottled ships in store windows. I never could quite figure out just what kind of store it was that would feature a ship in a bottle as a window display, but as there is usually an 18th-century highboy and a pair of bellows alongside the bottle, it can’t be one of the more essential emporia. I guess that you would just call it a “ship-in-bottle store.”

  • In the episode of the original Star Trek series called “The Apple,” the Enterprise finds a primitive culture who must feed a stone serpent idol named Vaal in exchange for their survival.
  • Several of the more polite ones laugh without feeling, but no move is made to write it down.
  • A lot of people try to read a sex meaning into dancing, but that seems to me to be pretty far-fetched.
  • The result is much the same as regular ice except that you can’t use it in high-balls.
  • It may seem that I have spent most of my time in advice on preparing the ground for planting.

When you are ready to explore, you’ll appreciate our proximity to King’s Cross Station, Camden Town and the buzzing Granary Square. We are also near the Royal Opera House, The British Museum, Convent Garden and countless other city attractions. One big item which is likely to be overlooked in these monster bathrooms, however, is the upkeep. The week they are installed they may be impressive, but it would take a corps of interior decorators to keep them so, especially if there are children in the family. In a house where there are small children the bathroom soon takes on the appearance of the Old Curiosity Shop. In even one small bathroom, when there are children in the house, one finds rocking horses, milk heaters, tin soldiers, enormous rubber ducks, odd books, overshoes, and skates, and, once in a while, reefers and stocking caps belonging to neighbors’ children. Sometimes even the neighbors’ children themselves. It took three conferences with Col. MacKenzie to effect my purpose. The first day I pretended to be reading by the pool and did not look up as he tottered by. I had deliberately taken along a copy of Burke’s tirade against the French Revolution and held it so that the colonel could see the title. He stopped in front of me on his third lurch past and stood weaving from side to side trying to catch the name. Very slowly and carefully he took out a pair of nose glasses attached to a long black ribbon which hung across his immaculate shirt front and frankly stared. A great deal of it depends on the neighbors and how much fun they happen to be having. Then there is the question of what tunes I’ve heard during the day. One good, monotonous tune firmly imbedded in my consciousness will make going to bed just a matter of form. As I am usually the last man in the washroom, I am constantly being harried by the porter, who keeps coming to the door and telling me that the train is pulling out into the yards in three minutes. (It is always three minutes, never less and never, by any chance, more.) Now, with this unpleasant threat hanging over me, I am in no state of mind to make my customary exquisite toilet. I brush my teeth and possibly shave one-half of my face, but almost invariably forget to brush my hair. It is usually laid to my being a writer and of an artistic temperament, but it doesn’t help me in a business way. This, as the day wears on, exerts a pull on the parts affected until there is grave danger of the whole body becoming twisted to the right, or left, as the case may be.

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A good, livid welt across the cheek was considered a compromise, but counted the striker three points, nevertheless, just to encourage marksmanship. It was estimated that the life of an average indoor polo-player was anywhere from six to eight hours. Customers are divided into groups indicative of temperament. There is first the Impulsive or Nervous Customer. Then the clerk will size you up as type No. 1 and will approach you promptly. After she has quickly filled your order you may drop the impulsive pose and assume your natural, slow manner again, whereupon the clerk will doubtless be highly amused at having been so cleverly fooled into giving quick service. A town house that is close to a lot of restaurants and grocery stores. It is a few minutes walk from Durham college and Ontario Tech and has easy access to transit. Throughout their history, many reserves in Manitoba have been relocated. These relocations took place in order to meet the needs and desires of colonial settlers. For example, in 1908, St. Peter’s Reserve closed. Many families moved about 130 km north of near present-day Selkirk, where the reserve was originally located. St. Peter’s Reserve was an Anishinaabe, Cree and Métiscommunity known today as Peguis First Nation. The land of the reserve’s original location was fertile. In addition, the community had access to fish resources in Lake Winnipegand was close to the growing city of Winnipeg. For years, the government pressured the reserve to relocate. They allowed non-Indigenous squatters on the land, eventually seizing it and relocating the reserve. In doing so, the government pushed a prosperous farming and fishing First Nation community off its traditional land base. They moved them to a much less productive location in the interest of settler colonial expansion. In the last 72 hours, users have found hotels close to Hyde Park for this weekend for as low as C$ 54 per night. Users have also found 3-star hotels from C$ 57 and 4-star hotels from C$ 19. If you’re not feeling all that lucky it might be a good idea to head to the Sycuan Casino and Resort. Sycuan Resort Casino, just minutes from San Diego, features a casino covering 200,000 square feet.8 There, you’ll find more than 2,000 slots, more than 40 table games, restaurants, poker, bingo, off-track betting, and a variety of restaurants to choose from. The hotel has over 100 guestrooms and suites, a swimming pool, spa, and fitness facility. Broadcast News is a 1987 romantic comedy about a love triangle between a brainless TV news anchor, an acerbic reporter, and the producer who must choose between them. Witness is a 1985 film starring Harrison Ford as a cop who goes to live among the Amish in an effort to protect a small boy who is the witness to a crime. Of course, it may be argued, a house with room enough in it for a “Flamingo bath” would also be likely to contain a nursery, but, unless children have changed a lot in the last two or three days, they prefer the bathroom to the nursery any day as a scene for their activities. And, unless parents have changed a lot in the same space of time, what the children want, they get. One of the most charming manifestations of sleep which we, as a nation, indulge in as a pastime is the Doze. By the Doze I mean those little snatches of sleep which are caught now and then during the day, usually with the collar on and choking slightly, with the head inclined coyly to one side, during which there is a semiconscious attempt to appear as if we were really awake. It is in this department of sleep that we are really at our best. Then, too, there has come into play an added tanning agent in the form of unguents and oils of various kinds. These have to be applied before getting into the oven and some friend has to be called in to get the stuff well smeared over the small of the back. In places where sand is the geological basis, this process results in a general coating over the calves of the legs and elbows resembling that detected on children’s chins in day-coaches after the oranges have been passed around. This coating is not washed off by bathing and has been known to stick until the salad course at dinner that night. There are people who do not mind having small particles of sand on their elbows and the calves of their legs rubbing against their clothing. I, thank God, am not one of these, and none of my people before me have ever been. I cannot find out just what the college life of these animals is when they are not working in the “lab.” Do they live in dormitories together or board around at houses in the town? I suppose that the Yale monkeys go in rather heavily for secret societies and are pretty manly, but the Columbia cats probably go home at night.

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Casino and … cannabis? California tribe opens marijuana dispensary in Fresno area.

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But in the midst of this uniform progress we find a stagnant spot. Surrounded by legends that are patent and easy to read and understand, we find the stone-cutter and the architect still putting up tablets and cornerstones, monuments and cornices, with dates disguised in Roman numerals. It is as if it were a game, in which they were saying, “The number we are thinking of is even; it begins with M; it has five digits and when they are spread out, end to end, they occupy three feet of space. You have until we count to one hundred to guess what it is.” There is a growing sentiment among sign painters that when a sign or notice is to be put up in a public place it should be written in characters that are at least legible, so that, to quote “The Manchester Guardian” “He who runs may read.” If I could only find such a book of instructions I would go tomorrow and order a black cotton engineer’s shirt from that sandy-mustached salesman and bawl him out if he raised his eyebrows. But not having the book, I shall go in and, without a murmur, buy a $3 silk shirt for $18 and slink out feeling that if I had been any kind of sport at all I would also have bought that cork helmet in the showcase. Then there is the Vacillating or Indecisive Customer, the Confident or Decisive Customer , the Talkative or Friendly Customer, and the Silent or Indifferent one. All these have their little weaknesses, and the perfect salesperson will learn to know these and play to them. It almost seemed, however, as if the risk were worth taking if Junior could be shown the fundamentally anti-social nature of an act like stuffing keyholes with putty, but nothing was done about it except to take the putty supply away for that day. Soft putty was put at his disposal, in case he might feel like doing a little modeling.