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64 percent of the water systems maintain repair and upgrade records. 25 percent of the water systems do not have SOPs on site. 19 percent of the water systems do not practice fire pump tests. 81 percent of the water systems practice fire pump tests. 24 percent of the water systems do not practice reservoir cleaning. 76 percent of the water systems practice reservoir cleaning. 11 percent of the water systems do not practice hydrant flushing. 89 percent of the water systems practice hydrant flushing. 59 percent of the water systems do not practice line swabbing. 6 percent of the water systems do not practice line flushing. Maintenance is not adequately performed for 15 percent of the water systems. 20 percent of the water systems practice inappropriate waste management. 69 percent of the water systems exceed 75 percent capacity. 34 percent of the water systems have poor system reliability. There is no disinfection system in place for 4 percent of the water systems. There is no Source Water Protection Plan for 93 percent of the water systems. The mean overall risk score for systems classified as “None” is 8.0. The following table summarizes the overall system risk by the classification level of the treatment system. There is no clear pattern between the system classification level and the overall system risk. The household size for the 69 First Nations ranges from 1.9 to 10.0 people per unit , with an average of 5.0 ppu. The total number of piped connections in the region is 10,523 for water and 7,002 for wastewater.

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Secondary containment for treatment chemicals Secondary containment is required for the storage of all regulated hazardous materials. Secondary containment must be constructed using materials capable of containing a spill or leak for at least as long as the period between monitoring inspections. A means of providing overfill protection for any primary container may be required. This may be an overfill prevention device and/or an attention getting high level alarm. Operational Plan An Operational Plan is the primary instrument for communicating the Community’s quality management system from the public works departments to Chief and Council, and from Council to INAC, Health Canada and the community members. Phosphorus A non-metallic element of the nitrogen family that occurs widely especially as phosphates (Merriam-Webster). Phosphorus occurs naturally in rocks, soil, animal waste, plant material, and even the atmosphere. In addition to these natural sources, phosphorus comes from human activities such as agriculture, discharge of industrial and municipal waste, and surface water runoff from residential and urban areas. Nutrients held in soil can be dissolved in water and carried off by leaching, tile drainage or surface runoff. Phosphorus does not pose a direct threat to human health; it is an essential component of all cells and is present in bones and teeth. It does, however, pose an indirect threat to both aesthetics and to human health by affecting source waters used for drinking and recreation. For example, excessive nutrients can promote the growth of algal blooms, which can contribute to a wide range of water quality problems by affecting the potability, taste, odour, and colour of the water. The estimated standby power cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 5.7 million dollars. The estimated monitoring equipment cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 0.3 million dollars. The estimated equipment cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 0.1 million dollars. The estimated engineering and contingencies cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 10.5 million dollars. The estimated collection system cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 13.7 million dollars. The estimated building cost for wastewater systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 0.1 million dollars. 63 percent of wastewater systems have no backup operator and/or have a backup operator who is not certified to the treatment system classification. 20 percent of wastewater systems have a primary operator who is not enrolled in training. The data indicates that systems that rely on GUDI or surface water typically have a higher component risk score than systems that rely on groundwater. The risk formula automatically assigns a higher base risk to these types of systems. Table 2.1, below, provides an overview of the water systems by system classification, source type, treatment type and storage type. In general, the treatment system classification reflects the complexity of the treatment process and the distribution classification reflects the population of the community being serviced. Treatment systems labeled “Small System” and “None” typically represent systems with either disinfection only or no treatment. Facultative Lagoon The most common type of wastewater treatment lagoon used by small communities and individual households. Facultative lagoons rely on both aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of waste, can be adapted for use in most climates and require no machinery to treat wastewater. Filter A device used to remove solids from a mixture or to separate materials. Materials are frequently separated from water using filters. Filter train equipment Includes all components that form part of the water filtration process from where the raw water enters the filter process to where the filtered water leaves the treatment unit. The total estimated distribution cost for water systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 5.1 million dollars. The total estimated cost for additional fire pumps for water systems to meet INAC’s Protocol is 1.1 million dollars. There are 34 water systems that may potentially have groundwater under the influence of surface water water supplies. The upgrade costs for these systems have been estimated under the assumption that they will prove to be secure groundwater supplies, but further studies are recommended to confirm this assumption. Source water protection planning is one component in a multi-barrier approach to providing safe drinking water. Source Water Protection Plans seek to identify threats to the water source.

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Excerpts from the Gathering of Nations Horse Parade will be played and the event’s emcees will host. Then there will be an outgoing presentation by Miss Indian World Cheyenne Kippenberger, a musical presentation from Stage 49, and another interactive Zoom party with DJ Logic. For more information, visit the Gathering of Nations website. Kippenberger will step down April 24, however, on the final day of the event, without passing on the crown; for the first time since 1983, Miss Indian World will remain unfilled until 2022. Even many large, well-attended virtual powwows like Gathering of Nations have yet to perfect a way to bring food back to the powwow experience. Mathews said their team looked into partnerships with food delivery apps, but creating these partnerships and a network of local vendors across the nation proved to be too difficult. Working in-person events like powwows during the pandemic can have additional costs, including increased sanitation, to-go boxes and individually wrapped condiments and utensils. Many virtual powwows are trying to include vendors by setting up dedicated webpages for powwow merchandise and goods. Vendors send in photos of their products to be featured on the page in a typical online shopping format. For the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico, the Gathering of Nations Powwow is a huge source of revenue. With an economic impact of $22 million for Albuquerque annually, the pandemic planted a blow on the tourist, hotel and restaurant businesses that profit from the event. “We needed to keep the bright light on because if it shuts down here, we’ve turned it off, maybe for a lot of people. Keep a light on and keep looking to the future,” Mathews told Indian Country Today in a recent interview. Mathews is of Native descent but is not affiliated with a tribe. “As an Indigenous artist, most of my venues are powwows and other tribal-sponsored events such as conferences and sports tournaments,” bead and shell artist Jennifer DeHoyos, Payómkawichum/Cahuilla/Kumeyaay, told Indian Country Today. It’s been costly for everyone involved – the organizations that sponsor the events, participants, vendors, and the local communities that look forward to the economic boost they bring. Lundbreck is a hamlet situated between the Crowsnest pass (the towns that make up the Pass are Coleman, Blairmore, Frank (yes Frank’s slide) Hillcrest and Bellevue) and Pincher Creek. The Crowsnest river is a world renowned fishing river and The Crowsnest pass is full of beautiful mountains and wildlife, hiking trails, snowmobiling, skiing and just about everything the outdoorsman or woman could possibly want. When I walk out my front door and walk or drive a little way I am surrounded by deer, elk, moose, sheep and bear. It is truly an awesome place to live and a wonderful place to visit. One of those “middle of nowhere” bars near Duck Lake in Montana.

The average length per connection of watermain in the region is 72 m. The average length per connection of sewermain in the region is 43 m. For 103 of the communal water systems, the average per capita demand ranges from 30L/p/d to 986L/p/d, with an average per capita demand of approximately 280 L/p/d. A water or wastewater system considered a First Nation system, consists of INAC-funded assets, and serves five or more residences or community buildings. An annual water inspection, risk evaluation and ACRS inspection was completed for each system and are included in the Appendices of each report. Conduct an overall community serviceability assessment, considering private on-site, communal and central systems, or combination thereof. Based on a compilation of the data and findings from the individual community reports prepared and issued for a specific region. In 2015, the Silver Slipper and Scarlet Pearl Casino and Hotel opened their doors while the Island View Casino and IP Casino Resort Spa both completed massive multi-million dollar renovations. Other top casinos in Biloxi include the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel, Golden Nugget, Boomtown Casino, and Palace Casino Resort. But, after Hurricane Katrina in 2009, new casinos were allowed to move 800 feet inland. Today, there are more than 12 casinos in and around Biloxi. On top of that, the Las Vegas Strip is home to 15 of the 25 largest hotels in the world. Some of the biggest casinos on the Strip include the Venetian/Palazzo, Wynn Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Aria. ADHD, behaviour freak outs, problems at school, always getting into trouble, banging his head, like he’s crazy at times. Well, my mom finally took him to this doctor who asked a lot of questions about his food habits. Seems the dyes in the foods could, might, be causing his outbursts. I’ve been looking at the affected food items and corn flakes is right up there, bud. Served by the Buckeye Union School District, Cameron Park is home to schools of all levels. In addition, the nearby town of Skinners has several other institutions such as Pleasant Grove Middle School and Green Valley Elementary School. Friday through Wednesday, with tickets starting at $49 for general admission and $69 for VIP, excluding tax and box office fees. Be sure to also check out Bally’s casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey if you’re on the northeast coast. On Friday and Saturday, April 23-24, the Edisto Natchez-Kusso Tribe of South Carolina will host its 44th Annual Pow Wow with food and craft vendors. The event will include luck-of-the-draw dancers and a drum competition if enough contestants enter, and the Princess pageant. Entry fee is $8 for ages and $5 for 65 and over, ages 6-17 and enrolled tribal members with ID. For more information, visit the powwow’s Facebook event page. For Gathering of Nations, a team of 50 people will work behind-the scenes from the fairgrounds in Albuquerque and elsewhere to make the event run smoothly online. They will host the Zoom meetings, making sure all speakers and performers are ready when it’s their turn – a difficult task for people calling in from different time zones. After reaching out to food vendors, Green said the local Jackson Food Stand was up for the challenge. Owner Julia Jackson sold out both days of the event, with orders coming in over the phone, online and in-person. Orders were delivered and some customers came to her home, where she and her crew cooked Indian tacos, nachos, fry dogs, fry bread, soup and desserts. Mathews said last year’s loss was “100 per cent.” Tickets to the event and participation fees were on sale beginning in the fall of 2019, with a cost of $19 for a one-day admission, $42 for a two-day pass and $85 for a two-day VIP pass. But when the pandemic hit, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham ordered a pause on large events on state properties. We got our food and headed through the bar to sit on the patio. A while later I went in for more refreshments and the bartender had some of the kids sitting on the bar watching kids DVDs on the TV and the rest were at the pool tables learning the finer points of pool from a couple of cowboys. My brother and I would head up from Edmonton on a Friday night to the farm and stop in at the bar. Never got a great welcome but had some very interesting discussions with the locals. The company used to rent a couple of rooms there for us out of town guys when we were in town.


The plans represent a change from reactive to proactive thinking, and— when executed properly— they optimize maintenance spending, minimize service disruption and extend asset life. Only 7% of the systems inspected reported that they had completed a Source Water Protection Plan. Appendix E.2 provides a table that summarizes the correlation between component risk and overall risk. Each of the five risk categories, as well as the overall risk level of the entire system, is ranked numerically from 1 to 10. A risk ranking of 1.0 to 4.0 represents a low risk, a risk ranking of 4.1 to 7.0 represents a medium risk, and a risk of 7.1 to 10.0 represents a high risk. The majority of systems serving more than 100 connections tend to have a medium overall risk, while the systems serving less than 100 connections are fairly evenly distributed between all three risk categories (i.e. high, medium and low). 100 percent of the systems classified as “None” have a high overall risk. Out of 103 systems, 27 are high risk, 47 are medium risk, and 29 are low risk. The homes without service were split between 12 different communities. 99 distribution systems that are maintained by the First Nation. Prepare Class “D” cost estimates for each of the communities visited. Of course, stateside expansion finds the companies competing with an already crowded market of domestic warehouse robotics firms that offer a variety of both greenfield and brownfield solutions for automating the warehouse space. Geek+ produces a variety of different robotics systems, though at its core, the company offers a Kiva-style wheeled robot designed to cart around inventory shelves. My day to day activities revolve around managing the various projects internally at circus to ensure timelines are met, creative stays on strategy while keeping the project on budget. My day to day activities as a web developer revolve around programming client websites with an emphasis on subtle interface tweaks, tasteful animations and on-screen transitions. Day to day, I develop and execute strategies that help clients thrive on their social media platforms. – for an array of clients, from heavy machinery to shopping centres. Cheryl has enjoyed an outstanding and varied career in communications including senior level positions in public relations, marketing and advertising. As president and owner of circus, Cheryl is responsible for leading our growth and success since founding circus in 2004. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. If you’ve had 30% of your winnings withheld by the IRS, RMS can help you reclaim a portion or all of your taxable winnings. Founded by a Canadian Chartered Accountant in 1998, RMS has become the most reliable and experienced gaming and casino tax refund provider for non-U.S. While four of Atlantic City’s casinos had to shut their doors because of the U.S. economic slowdown, the city is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, and its eight casinos continue to be a huge draw for non-U.S. With over 375 gaming facilities, Las Vegas is king when it comes to gaming. It attracts visitors from all over the world, including the top poker players who come for the high-limit tables. While you can find places to gamble almost anywhere in the U.S., some destinations are more popular than others. Below is a list of five of the top gambling cities in the U.S. I personally feel that the communication and planning between our Nation, Industry, Government and High Velocity played a huge role in the success of our program. We started with 12 students and ended with 12 students completing the program and graduating. Currently, 11 of these 12 students are working for our band business; with the industry leader that signed on with the contract or with other locally owned and operated contractors. Woodland Cree First Nation is a small community nestled in the woodlands between Red Earth Creek and Peace River in Northern Alberta. We found the availability of High Velocity to train within our Nation’s boundaries to be a very visible and positive environment for both our trainers and the community. It allowed our students to stay home with their families during their training, learn valuable career and life lessons as well as show the community the opportunities we have as a nation to grow and prosper within. Halifax police say a city park that has been used as an encampment for homeless people has been cleared out and fenced off. Streets are reopening in Montreal East, though a major police operation is ongoing following a shooting overnight Thursday into Friday.