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He checked my account and noticed I don’t make long distances and tried to push the stupid plan on me. I recently moved from one province to another and as a result had to disconnect my services. I called Rogers and changed my address with them. Three months after moving I still maintain my magic jack number I got a voice mail from a collection agency in Montreal stating they have sent notification to my old address about bill. So now with any notification from Rogers I have been sent to an collection agency by them. FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE I WILL NO LONGER BE DOING BUSINESS WITH ROGERS. For years I got nothing but poor service from them which is why I switched to Magic Jack. I would encourage all you read this to if possible not do any business with Rogers. Once this company realize that there are alternatives to their services they will start doing this a little differently if they want to remain competitive. If they do not change they will and should loose these customers. I switched two phones from a monthly family plan to two Pay-As-You-Go plans with unlimited texting. Rogers set it us as unlimited evening/weekend calling.

What pisses me off the most is that i swear they get enjoyment out of doing this 2 people.. Comdey night is eating popcorn listening to playbacks from angry customers. Your comments makes sense if you owe for service used but on the pay as you go plan is it “fair” that they take your money for services they haven’t even provided? If you don’t “top up” your account by a Rogers determined date say goodbye to any money you have “banked” in your account. So if you have 75 on your account and miss the “top up” date to shovel more cash their way – well as you say “too bad so sad” there goes your money.

fuck rogers soo hard

Yes yes I now have a number to reach a real, live person. My complaint is how difficult it was/is to reach what seems to me, to be the non-existant customer support. I thought I had checked everything but I did not unplug and replug. The lady on the other end of the phone was not very friendly but guided me through. When I stated that I had a difficult time getting the correct phone number, until I looked on the net, she stated that if I had checked everything properly, I wouldn’t have had to call. With all the money I pay Rogers per month, you would think that you would get pleasant service. I haven’t called them for a long time so it wasn’t a matter of bugging them. I realize Rogers is a very big company and I am just one customer, but I expect pleasant service when I do have a problem. I have no other complaints with Rogers and we have everything with them. The REAL person I talked to, thanks to you was very helpful and available in less than a few minutes.

1 888 rogers1

It also conveniently warns you when you are running low. As discussed in point 6 of post 1 of this thread, Rogers will only activate a STB that is a Rogers Ontario STB. The reasons why are discussed in various posts in this thread and the link below. There is zero possibility of having Rogers Ontario activate a US STB on your account. If you cancel with Rogers then the Box will be released and you will be able to sell or give away the box with no issues. The person you sell or give it away to will be able to register the box under his sub as long as you make sure that you do release the box when you call rogers. I have 1 box I bought off someone else and had no issue registering it. I am moving soon and about to cancel Rogers Cable. One of the original Standard units and a HD PVR. So, I’d like to sell/give away my units… But am pretty sure they are tied to my account in someone way, and if given to someone else it might not be a easy thing for them to set them up.

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Message Relay Service is available to customers on the QINIQ/SSi Mobile network who are hearing or speech impaired, allowing them to conveniently communicate with others through a relay operator. MRS is a text-to-voice and voice-to-text service by which the operator communicates to the hearing or speech impaired person via text and to the other party via voice over the phone. Customers send their message via text to the relay operator, who reads the message to the other party. The relay operator then types the other party’s spoken words back to the customer. Exterior – The property manager and/or lawn maintenance company shall be responsible for the lawn care and landscaping services on the rental premises. Cable and Internet services are not included in your rent; units do have outlets to provide the required services, however it is up to the tenant to call the necessary providers to set up their own accounts. Do you get Sportsnet through your television subscription? Live streaming through Sportsnet NOW is available to participating cable/satellite/IP TV providers at no additional cost. Click here to see if your provider has made Sportsnet NOW available to their customers. Ottawa, Feb. 10, 2017 – Rogers is bringing affordable high-speed internet to approximately 15,000 subsidized households in Ottawa with Rogers’ Connected for Success program.