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According to the company website, Feidong Shuian was faltering at the time, plagued by debt, weak leadership and fierce competition from the global market. Instead, he embarked on months of extensive renovations. The crowning detail, approved by the province nearly two and a half years after the purchase, was a septic sewage system capable of processing 12,700 litres per day—the size generally used by large hotels. Why would a private family residence need a commercial sewage system? It’s a question government officials apparently did not bother to ask. Trudeau added that Conservatives “are focused on scoring political points” instead of coming together and working in the interest of the public in the COVID crisis. He closed by stating that his government would continue supporting Canadians in this second wave. In the past five years, more and more Canadian loans had housing collateral. This is alarming because it may be an indicator of overleveraged national housing.

At the beginning of the pandemic, people began paying down their debts, including HELOCs. This was likely due to financial panic and the economy flooding with money thanks to federal government emergency support. But now, Canadians are essentially back to square one – overly relying on HELOC debt. Statistics show that an average home today costs just under $800,000.

Can Ontarios Online Gambling Legalisation Be Considered Boom or Bust?

The bust was part of an ongoing project called Project Endgame. York Regional Police shut down the operation, in which they seized 11 guns, more than $1 million in cash and $1.5 million in alcohol. Thirty-two investigators and 92 tactical officers from York Regional Police, Durham Regional Police and the Ontario Provincial Police have been part of the project thus far. Throughout the investigation so far, 29 individuals have been charged with a combined 74 criminal offences. According to police, gamblers attending the Markham, Ont. property had “access to accommodation, spa treatments, beverage services, and high-end food,” including contraband items such as braised shark fin. Back in May, investigators with the York Regional Police intelligence unit and the guns, gangs and drug enforcement unit started a probe into illegal gaming dens, dubbed Project End Game. His wife, Xiang Yue Chen, 48, was charged with keeping a common betting house, possession of proceeds of crime and selling liquor without a licence, as was their daughter, Chen Wei, 25. No one was injured in the July 23 raid, in which 92 tactical officers stormed the mansion.

This latest report adds to the mounting evidence that toxic chemicals from tar sands development are the cause of increased cancer rates in Aboriginal communities situated downstream, but the government does nothing. Mr. Speaker, April could turn out the be the cruellest month of all for the Minister of Transport. That is when Ottawa’s mayor goes on trial to defend himself against criminal allegations that he negotiated an offer of a parole board appointment with the minister. The appointment was allegedly for Terry Kilrea, a former mayoral candidate. Other Conservatives operatives are also alleged to have discussed the appointment. We are standing up for arts and culture in this country and putting more money behind it because we believe in it and we believe it is an economic driver. We believe it is part of the heart and soul of this country. Mr. Speaker, in fact, that is what we are having this discussion about. There will be a vote in the House and that there will be regular reporting to Parliament because the Liberals have put our government on probation. So there is a mechanism to assure the member that the expenditures of the money are properly done on a quarterly basis. If the Liberals will not ask the tough questions of the government’s budget, then we will and so will Canadians. Mr. Speaker, the member is entitled to go to the briefings as well.

Tackling Violent Crime

Mr. Speaker, earlier this week in Tehran, over 70 student protesters who had been peacefully protesting the government’s plan to rebury fallen soldiers on their campus were arrested and detained by police. Thanks to them, officers with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the St. Anthony volunteer fire rescue were able to complete the rescue that Dimitri and Brendan had started. He was only seven years old when his mother was killed by government soldiers. In an attempt to escape the horrors of war, he joined thousands of other children in seeking refuge, but on his way, he was captured, recruited and turned into a child soldier. After spending seven years as a child soldier, he found refuge with an aid worker. Mr. Speaker, contrary to what my colleague over there has just said, confidence is whatever the government and the Prime Minister say is confidence.