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To me this is a out of country number,and i will not answer it. Look like SiriusXM make use of ‘cheap labor’ from South Asian country’s to sell there useless old time satellite radio streaming service. If calls are from the same number, it is worth trying to block the number. If they keep changing the calling number, you are sort of stuck with ignoring the calls. Do not call back, and if you can prevent the calls from going to voicemail, that usually helps. Choose the category that most describes the type of call. The tellows score will then be calculated with reference to the category, representing the potential risk of a phone number. Protect your comment against removal! As a registered user, we will contact you before anyone can remove your comment.

It’s very important to be prepared to new threats. That’s why our team writes stories which could help you to identify and protect against various frauds. Here are some tips to our stories, but feel free to visit our stories section for next useful tips. Bought a used Ford from a dealership more than 1 year ago with SIRIUS subscription. I did not renew the subscription and receive calls and mails from them. Calls to offer Xirius FM plans, I got 3 months free with a new car thus was added to their call list. They have an online chat where you can ask to be added to their do-not-call list and it takes like 3 minutes, recommended. Blocking their dozens of numbers is a lost cause. Click Armor puts employees in real risk situations, within a gamified environment. These scenarios are engaging and fun, and encourage people to “play again”, which significantly increases their ability to retain and use knowledge. For managers, make sure your employees are aware that robocalls are always to be considered as suspicious. Then provide guidelines on how to safely deal with them.

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I have told them to please stop calling but they keep on calling. Bought a used ford from a dealership and non stop they call. I have bluetooth in my vehicle i dont need it. I finally answered today and she wouldnt take no for an answer. Took me 4 times of me saying no, until she finally listened. 1st call I said not interested, 2nd, 3rd, 4th calls I ignored. After 1 call a day for 2 weeks I blocked the number, now it’s gone directly to blocked calls once a day for 3 months now. Would you use an app that intentionally wastes the time of callers from what have been identified as malicious or potentially risky phone numbers? What do you think is the down-side of doing this? I’d like to hear from you about this especially if you have tips or other methods for dealing with robocalls. Clearly, if RoboKiller can do it, the carriers should be able to…

If you find a comment that you don’t think is appropriate then you can click on the “Report Post” to the right of every comment. Usually, you would use this for comments that have bad words or are spam. I like not getting Robocalls but the app seems to block calls that are on my contacts list. Keep calling almost everyday though my phone don’t normal ring when it doesn’t recognized the number or not on my contact list. Longer burn time and lower spark compared to softwood. Wood is 16” long and split into desirable size.

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Yes No These pages are designed as a protection against unsolicited telemarketing calls. Private numbers and personal info should not belong here in most cases. Well, I’ve been very busy this summer building a team to bring this concept to life as a new cloud-based solution for businesses. This can be very satisfying for those who feel there should be a way to fight back against these insidious crooks. I recently came across a new type of mobile app called an “Answer bot app”. The most popular one is called RoboKiller, and it recently won a contest sponsored by the FTC in the US, for being able to detect and respond to robocalls. One reason these callers are hard to block is that they call from Voice-Over-IP phone lines that are very easy and cheap to set up on the Internet. So, they can easily move to different numbers, or can simply set the caller ID number to be something different each time. If you see a number listed with this label, it means an OkCaller user has labelled the number as a problematic contact.


And our community has rated it as a dangerous caller . This phone number is a Freephone line from the United States. This is out of country number, suspect fraud or extortion, won’t answer these. If you cannot read the characters please click ‘submit comment’ and a new one will be generated. In this field you are free to make any comments about your experience with this number. Please try not to use any insulting vocabulary – even if it’s hard. Otherwise we will be obliged to remove your comment.

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Thousands of different data sources provide us with billions of up-to-date records about more than 250 million adults in the U.S. We will remove any personally identifiable information on the photos before posting. Google the company’s phone number or the number used to contact you. You may find complaints about fraudulent practices. Insist on the caller’s name, email address, the name of the company they work for, the company’s address, and professional license number . Unwanted Calls was reported by a user from Salt Lake City via FCC. A representative with Atlas will be with you shortly regarding your questions or comments. The caller claimed to be Social Security adminstrator Sam ID# GS97215 and my card was being used in Texas for illegal activites. My SS# is being suspened because of this. When I called him a liar, he said I could find him on SS.

Of course, this is COVID-19 days and I haven’t even been in the car more than a dozen times and that was very short distance driving. Will look up their site and see if I can check off the d0-not-call box. When I pick up the phone there does not appear to be anyone on the other end and the phone disconnects within 10 seconds. Probably related to the new car I purchased. Our phone number lookup reports go deep to get an owner’s background info, as well as their name. You can do a reverse phone number lookup anywhere, anytime from any device. If it’s a scam, they obviously won’t have anything. Notify the caller to not contact you until they have sent the written notice. They won’t pay any attention to you but the fact that you notified them will help when you report the fraud. If you have given in to the demands of a debt collection scammer your chances of recovering your money are slim to none.